Yuma – Operation School Bell Highlighted on KYMA

Yuma’s best-kept secret, a place that gives children the basic necessities they need to feel good about themselves in school.

The Assistance League of Yuma is transforming the lives of children with Operation School Bell®.  Students from Yuma County schools come in with very little to call their own and leave with a bag full of stuff.

Operation School Bell was started in the late ’70s and today they serve over 1,300 students through the months of September to March. The schools are the ones that refer the students to receive their necessities.

Each child that comes through Operation School Bell’s two front doors gets three full outfits, five pairs of socks, undergarments, and a jacket. Along with that they’re given three brand new books, a hand-knitted beanie, and a bag full of hygiene necessities. Right after, the students are taken to Sketchers where they get a brand new pair of shoes.

The funds for this operation are collected by sales from the Assistance League of Yuma Thrift Shop. It is also run by a group of people who volunteer their time to keep the operation going.

The volunteers hope that by receiving these items the student’s self-esteem rises and they feel better about going to school.

Some of the children that come through Operation School Bell are children from Crossroads Mission. Volunteers feel good about helping the kids in need and the kids are genuinely happy to receive the bag full of necessities.

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