Assistance League Culture of Giving Brings Donors Knocking

At pre-holiday fundraisers, Assistance League chapters challenge guests to dig deeper and donate a few extra dollars, over and above the generous amount already spent in silent auction, raffle and boutique purchases.

Assistance League members dig into their own wallets, publicly demonstrating the confidence they have in their chapter’s ability to better living conditions for underserved youth and families.  Gala guests opened their hearts and benevolently donated handfuls of dollars that add thousands to a chapter’s bottom line.

Program recipients who move on to better lives are among the most enthusiastic donors. At many chapters, program recipients give back in various ways, including donating their money and time.

Charitable giving is part of the culture of Assistance League. Members regularly donate to their home chapters and also invest in the national organization, both collectively and individually, through Circle Fund, a member-driven fund that helps build successful chapters nationwide through education, inspiration and support.

Friends, relatives and other supporters who choose Assistance League for their holiday or year-end giving are investing in hands-on, community-based programs that promote basic human needs, health, education and literacy in their own backyards. Located in cities and suburbs across the United States, 120 Assistance League chapters operate independently under the umbrella of a national nonprofit organization that dates back to 1935.

People interested in supporting Assistance League can click the DONATE tab above or log onto their local chapter’s website.