Education Programs

Taking care and giving back. The power of a generous heart.

Assistance League charitable programs rely on hands-on involvement by our volunteers and spring from their generous hearts and minds. Each innovative program is designed to meet specific needs of individual communities. Assistance League member volunteers have achieved true transformation in their communities and have helped make a better world possible.

Education is the path to a better life

Kids who grow up in impoverished homes can go on to do great things and rise above their circumstances if they are given some of the same advantages as their more affluent peers. Assistance League is committed to giving them an early start through childhood literacy programs that put books into the hands of early elementary students growing up in book deprived homes. Children who learn to read early are on track to succeed in the later grades. By reading aloud in classrooms, member volunteers hope to instill in a lifelong love of books. Because knowledge is the greatest tool to fighting poverty, many chapters also provide dictionaries and reading materials to older students and fund scholarship programs for college students.

Education Program Stories