Through the Scholarship Program, scholarships are available for graduating high school seniors, adults needing to return to education to better their quality of life, adults needing certification courses, and mentally- or physically-challenged individuals for therapeutic programs.

This multiple-tier scholarship program includes the following scholarships:

  • High School Senior Scholarships given to graduating Montgomery County high school seniors who have been accepted to a Texas public two-year or four-year university/college.

  • Continuation Scholarships which provide education funds and assistance to students who received the High School Senior Scholarship and are enrolled in their sophomore, junior, or senior year in a Texas university/college.

  • Scholarships for Adults given to students who attend public colleges and universities to develop work skills in response to life- or work-altering events.

  • Workforce Scholarships which provide tuition for adults who want to become certified in workforce careers and to high school students who need supplies to complete courses.

  • Special Needs Scholarship which provide assistance to physically-challenged or special needs individuals who lack the financial resources to participate in therapeutic programs that can improve their well-being and functional skills.

  • Elizabeth M. McCreight Scholarships given to female STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students. This scholarship is funded by a bequeath of funds donated by the Elizabeth M. McCreight family.

A critical part of the program involves assigning members as mentors to each scholarship recipient to provide a unique support system of emotional and responsible support.