For the disadvantaged residents of our county, who often have grown up in homelessness and constant transition,  Caring and Sharing encourages these residents by helping to provide for their basic needs and offer hope for moving out of the circle of poverty. “Welcome Home” baskets containing toiletries, paper products, cleaning supplies, and numerous other items are the delight of disadvantaged residents who receive the baskets through local agencies when the residents move from homelessness to a home for the first time. Another welcomed gift for jobless residents is receiving a voucher to shop for job interview clothes at Assistance League’s Thrift Shop.

Speaking of delight, the faces of disabled residents of a low-income apartment complex, as well as the residents of a local nursing and rehabilitation facility, light up when Assistance League members arrive with party supplies, treats and bingo prizes in hand. Christmas parties are celebrated annually, and birthday parties are held monthly.

A much-needed addition to this program is the provision of snacks for school children during the school day. Students have a much better chance at succeeding in school if they are not hungry.