The Poison Information – Always Ask Program was developed to provide parents with information to prevent accidental poisoning of young children by educating the children and their parents about poisonous household products that can be found in most homes. With the use of adorable puppets and stuffed dolls and animals, volunteers in this program visit Montgomery County elementary schools and day care centers and entertain the children with an educational program about “Yucky” products and “Yummy” products.

They tell a story, play a game, and sing a song—all done in a fun way but with a serious message that can save lives. Children are taught to “Always Ask” before drinking or eating any unknown substances. Once a child learns to “Always Ask” and shares this message with his/her family, tragedies are prevented and lives can be saved.

Recently this program has broadened to include presenting it to adults and the general public, as well as church schools, county libraries and local science fairs.