Scholarship is the second largest philanthropic program.  It was approved as a philanthropic program in 2006 in honor of a gift from the James D. Nunan Estate, and scholarships were first awarded to Montgomery County high school seniors who planned to enroll in a four-year Texas college or university and major in the social sciences or a helping profession. The program has grown so that currently scholarships are available for graduating high school seniors, adults needing to return to education to better their quality of life, adults needing certification courses, and mentally- or physically-challenged individuals for therapeutic programs.

Since inception of the Scholarship Program in 2006, over $700,000 has been given to well-deserved students.

This multiple-tier scholarship program includes the following scholarships:

  • High School Senior Scholarships:   for graduating high school seniors who have been accepted to a Texas public university/college.
  • Continuation Scholarships:  for students who received the High School Senior Scholarship and have successfully completed one or more years at a public Texas university/college or community college.
  • Scholarships for Adults:  for students who attend Texas public colleges and universities to develop work skills in response to life- or work-altering events.
  • Workforce Scholarships: for adults who want to become certified in workforce careers.
  • Special Needs Scholarships: for physically challenged or special needs individuals who lack the financial resources to participate in therapeutic programs that can improve their well being and functional skills.

A critical part of the program involves assigning to each scholarship recipient a mentor to provide a unique system of emotional and responsible support.

During the fiscal past year, the chapter awarded over $125,000 to scholarship recipients.