Judy White

Years ago when I was an active volunteer with another organization, I learned about their Legacy Circle and was asked to participate.  I felt so impressed with their achievements in our three-county area that I wanted to continue to contribute to their cause.

It was easy to do and cost me no extra donations dollars at the time, but would continue my support for a few years after my annual gifts discontinued.  I talked with my attorney and my heirs to tell them what I wanted to do and filed the appropriate paperwork with my will and trust paperwork.  This past year, after Jocelyn made her generous gift to our Chapter, a few of our members met to start the Legacy Society for ALRSD so that our chapter could benefit from others who also wanted to continue to support our future work, be it programs or even possibly a thrift shop property someday.  I decided to make an undesignated bequest so that future Board members could use the money as they deem necessary at that time.  My time with ALRSD has shown me how needed and appreciated our programs are.  Two especially touching incidents should illustrate that: As I checked in elementary school families at Target for their shopping sprees, one little boy, about nine, quietly slid a wrinkled dollar bill across the table and asked me to make sure it went to help buy other students needed clothing.  That same night a rough-looking man went out to his truck to bring back a donation to help with the program.  He had seen the happy faces of the students and families. One of our scholarship students asked me for our permanent address so that he could contribute to the program when he was working and able to do so.  He said it would show how much he appreciated the opportunity his scholarship award gave him to go to college.