Steve and Kathy O’Leary

Why did Steve and I decide to donate to the Legacy Fund as part of our trust?
Steve and I have been fortunate to have had fulfilling careers.  I was a teacher and he was a mechanical design engineer. We planned well for our retirements and have been able to

enjoy this phase of our lives also. We both support causes and organizations that are important to us.  So, it was very natural to provide for these causes when we planned our trust.  Assistance League of Rancho San Dieguito is an important part of my life.  I have been a member since 2004 and have enjoyed being able to contribute as a volunteer to our philanthropic programs.  I have also had the privilege of serving as a committee chair and a board member, Steve is a PAL (Partner of Assistance League) and he has been active in different ways.  When I first joined, Steve worked with the Operation School Bell Committee when they used to serve one school a week with new school clothes and shoes for the students.  He used his van to haul the clothes to the schools every week and got to be very good friends with Joyce Bressler, Lynn Walti and Ecco Price.  We want AL Rancho San Dieguito to continue to serve our communities with the programs that we know are successful.  We want to leave a legacy donation to the chapter to continue their work.