Providing Opportunity

Transforming lives through education and career change.

The American dream, while alive and well for some, can be just as elusive for others. The road to a college education or vocational career can be a hard, up-hill climb, especially if you are a non-traditional student pursuing your degree in your 20s, 30s, or 40s.

We provide scholarships to adults facing economic hardship.

Our mission is to remove barriers to education for students struggling to balance life’s immediate needs, while simultaneously pursuing their long-term goal of a degree – and a brighter future.

Our community is stronger when we all work together.

We believe our investment not only provides financial stability for our students, but also strengthens the workforce in the Puget Sound region, benefiting us all.

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“It was an honor to have been chosen as recipients of the FAFE scholarships during our academic journey. The scholarships allowed us as working parents to focus on our studies and additional education opportunities such as covering our textbooks. We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Assistance League of Seattle and its contributors for their generous financial support and guidance provided during our academic journey. We hope to continue our relationship with ALS in any other capacity when the opportunity avails itself.”


-Martin and Doreen



Needed to Send One Adult to Community College or a Vocational Program


Adults Were Given the Opportunity to Succeed


“I am still in disbelief that Assistance League of Seattle awarded me this opportunity. I feel very blessed. I will do my very best in school. Thanks again for believing in me and helping me to pursue an education.”


– Sean

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“I achieved all my goals and earned my diploma, but I didn’t do it alone. WE achieved my success together. Without Assistance League, I am not sure I would have made it this far. Your role in my life was very important and I will always be very grateful.”




Unlike other financial aid programs, each student who receives our support is paired with a mentor. Mentors work with students throughout their academic journey to overcome obstacles in the financial aid process. Many of our mentors and recipients have gone on to form life-long friendships.


Community Partners

Our community partners play a critical role in identifying students who need our support to complete their degree. Partnerships with TRiO at Seattle Public Colleges and Seattle Education Access provided a stream of eligible, motivated students in need of support, with a focus on students with one or two quarters left to finish their degree.


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