2015-16 Statistics


children dressed by Operation School Bell


children and adults served


hours volunteered by 100 member volunteers

Assistance League of Stockton Welcomes Thrift Shop’s New Expansion and Makeover

In July our thrift shop moved from 1323 E. Harding Way to 1319 Harding Way.  Physically, it’s only a few short steps, but in the measure of “dreams come true’, it’s a leap of faith into the future for our 95 member volunteers.

09-'13 T.Shop Yellowpng

1992 – 2015 Thrift Shop, also known as the “Yellow House”

Four years ago, in November 2012, the members voted to move the shop into their much larger ‘West 1319 Wing’ and establish a charter house in the ‘East 1323 Wing’. July 2016 started a new chapter in the history of Assistance League of Stockton.


2016 Thrift Shop with a classy make-over

Some of the children we have cared for this year

A Beautiful Array of Our Past Presidents

From our first president, Beve McCarthy, 1971 (with the lovely flowered hat) on the left, to our current President, Camilla Wolak 2016 (in bright red shirt, 2011-13 past president) center-left, to Peggy Yorke, 2001 president on far right, our presidents remain faithful to our mission of serving the community while sharing in the love of fellow members.

Past presidents 2014