Each year approximately 3,000 children and adults benefit from our four philanthropic programs.

Operation School Bell has its own delightful ‘school house’ at 1525 North Sierra Nevada, where a bright room decorated with clever drawings awaits underprivileged children. They are given 6 pairs of underwear and socks, 2 polo shirts, cargo pants, a jacket, a sweatshirt, a hygiene kit, a $15 gift card to be redeemed a new pair of shoes, and a book and/or a toy. School counselors come to our Operation school Bell and help our member-volunteers fill up bags with these wonderful supplies for the elementary school children.We have clothed approximately 30,000 ‘School Bell Children” since 1989.    Go to “More about Operation School Bell” for more information.


Kids on the Block.  We use this well known puppet program to teach children to be accepting of others who may be different.  2019-20 will be a sabbatical year for our puppets.  We will be updating some existing scripts and creating at least two totally original scripts.  One will deal with the continuing problem of bullies, and another will focus on respecting differences, whether ethnic, cultural, or economic. Also, we will be recruiting new puppeteers and developing improved training techniques.



Comfort Kits are backpacks filled with lots of age-and gender-appropriate comfort, educational, and hygiene items for (a) children who are in foster care and (b) adults or children who have been traumatized by a violent assault. One of our long-standing partners, the CASA Association (Court Appointed Special Advocates), distributes the foster children’s kits for us.  Another partner, the Women’s Center-Youth and Family Services, delivers the kits to assault survivors.  Our members contribute over 300 such Comfort Kits each year.  Shown in this picture are some of our ladies on their way to deliver backpacks.


Book Buddies are our member volunteers who visit Stockton’s Lottie Grunsky School each week to help second graders who are struggling with their reading skills. Our adult Book Buddies spend 30 minutes with each individual student, listening to him or her read aloud and practice s district approved phonics program.  Go to “More about Book Buddies” for more information.