Tri-Valley Haven Interviews Assistance League of Amador Valley

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Tri-Valley Haven conducted a phone interview with Bobbie Kosnik, the Chair of Food for Families Committee for Amador Valley’s Assistance League to ask her about the group’s ongoing commitment to Tri-Valley Haven’s food pantry. .

TVH: What is the Assistance League of Amador Valley (ALAV)?

Bobbie: The Assistance League of Amador Valley is a chapter of the national nonprofit organization, the Assistance League. We do many outreach events to help our community, for example, a Clothing the Children event. Unfortunately, this year we had to postpone this activity due to COVID. However, instead we provided over 400 headsets/ear pieces and microphones so students could attend school online!

We also purchase birthday bags for children of different ages who reside at Tri-Valley Haven’s shelters. The bags provide age appropriate gifts and supplies to throw a party and to decorate. The bags even include a gift card to buy a birthday cake! ALAV also provides hearing tests and seeing tests for kindergarteners and first graders when we have the resources. If needed, we offer referrals to specialists who are among our members. Another event the Assistance League sponsors, when we are not in a pandemic, is a Valentine’s Day Event at the Pleasanton Senior Center. The Assistance League also provided approximately 2,000 books this year to primary school children.

The Assistance League of Amador Valley has donated to Tri-Valley Haven programs for almost six years. Since the pandemic started, our members have provided Tri-Valley Haven’s food pantry and families in great economic need with eggs, milk, sugar, flour, bread and cooking oil. We also contribute chicken and meat products when our budget allows. These items are essential and greatly needed as the food pantry often runs out of these necessities.

ALAV has been sending out mailers to raise donations because we are not holding fundraisers at this time. We are STILL receiving contributions from the community which is amazing! Thankfully, we have been able to provide double the food to the Haven’s pantry!

TVH: Amazing, we appreciate your contributions so much! What about TVH grabbed the interest of the Amador Valley chapter?

Bobbie: We started about six years ago, providing groceries and other items, helping to stock the food pantry shelves. Our members believe it is a win-win situation because not only are we helping our community, but it is dear to our hearts and brings us enjoyment as well.

TVH: Is there anything specific that you are offering the community during COVID?

Bobbie: Each committee in the ALAV has a specific goal and budget for the year. The Food for Families committee, was able to increase its donations to Tri-Valley Haven’s food pantry from twice a month to weekly. When I was there last week, we served 30 families, but then the following day we served 50 families! All the milk we bring is gone the same day! I think there is a lot more local need out there than a lot of us have realized.

TVH: Right it is very challenging right now. If people want to get involved with ALAV, what should they do?

Bobbie: If people would like more information, they can contact us at Amador Valley, P.O 11843 Pleasanton, CA, 94588 or visit our website at

It’s a very rewarding program and we make a big impact!

Tri-Valley Haven thanks Bobbie for her time. We appreciate the Assistance League of Amador Valley for their consistent support throughout the years!

(This article appeared in Tri-Valley Haven’s Customer e-Newsletter, titled Winter Outreach, Assistance League & More, February 25, 2021.)


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