How can you make a child feel very special on their birthday when they are in a shelter?  With a “Party in a Bag”!

Our members create a Birthday Bag that has all the essentials for a party for children celebrating a birthday while they are living at Tri-Valley Haven, a local shelter.

The Birthday Bag includes several gifts for the birthday child, a birthday card, party supplies such as hats and noisemakers for the other children who attend the party, and a gift card for Tri-Valley Haven staff to purchase a birthday cake.

Knowing that we put a smile on the birthday child’s face is priceless.

“I like everything because it’s about sports. Thank you so much.”

— 7-year old boy

“My daughter loved everything in the bag. Thank you and may God bless all of you. May God bless you for bringing so much joy to my daughter on her birthday. Thank you for the surprise.”

— Mother of 11-year old girl

“Everything was great. Thank you very much.”

— 6-year old girl

“It’s such a great pleasure and exciting experience for the kids when they know they are loved and cared for by others!”

— Mother of 2 boys, aged 5 & 7

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Birthday Bag Team
(925) 461-6401

“Most times children would rather be in their own homes, especially on their birthday. But receiving these giant filled birthday bags just light up their faces”.

— Case manager for Tri-Valley Haven

“Thank you for making my sons day. He had a big smile on his face”

— Mother of 13 year old male

“This program brings smiles to our kids and makes them forget where they are. Thanks!”

— Case manager for Tri-Valley Haven

“This program creates a mood boost for not only the children but for mothers as well. They feel so relieved and appreciative to have a special gift to celebrate their children’s birthday”

— Case manager for Tri-Valley Haven