When our chapter first started the Food for Families Program in October 2016, we would shop and deliver to the Pantry twice a month. Now, almost six years later, we shop and deliver twice a week. Much of this can be attributed to the impact of the pandemic and the trying times many individuals and families in the Tri-Valley are experiencing.

Yes, there really is a BIG need. The Tri-Valley Food Pantry distributes free groceries to more than 4,000 low-income Tri-Valley residents each month, representing over 500 families who are experiencing hunger.

The Pantry plays an important role for some families that need to decide between paying rent or putting food on the table.

Our chapter provides two critical categories of effort for the Food Pantry:

  • Weekly food contributions.  Our chapter purchases provides milk, eggs, flour, sugar, oil, meat and fruit on a weekly basis. We shop for the best value to stretch our budget further. Members who have bountiful gardens also share their fruit and vegetables with the Pantry.
  • Work in Food Pantry.  In addition, our members check-in Food Pantry clients and assist them in choosing specific goods within the pantry. Very rewarding!

Grocery Items

We provide a combination of food items for main meals, as well as items that help families create their own meals.

In an average month, we shop and deliver:

  • (425) – 2 lb. bags of flour
  • (485) – 1 lb. boxes of sugar
  • (525) – 16 oz. bottles of oil
  • 160 gallons of milk
  • 100 dozens of eggs
  • 100 pounds of meat
  • 120 pounds of needed

If you would like to join us and become a member in assisting the Food Pantry and our other programs, please email us or checkout how you can get involved and become a member too. 

Want to make a financial contribution? Please consider donating and helping our community.

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Food for Families
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