Northern Virginia – Literacy for Kids

Assistance League of Northern Virginia is extremely grateful for the generous donation by Dr. Kamal Jajodia that allowed us to hold another book fair recently at a local elementary school.  This Literacy for Kids event, which we call “Build-a-Child’s Library,” provided a wide selection of new books on a variety of topics from which the 600 students could choose a book that they liked.

We also were honored that Dr. Jajodia was able to join us at the event so she could see how happy the students were to receive a book they could take home and keep.  During the book fair, Dr. Jajodia, a psychiatrist in McLean and also an internist, shared with our members that a book had changed the trajectory of her life.  As a young girl, after reading a book about being a doctor, she set her sights on becoming a doctor herself.  Dr. Jajodia and our members could see how delighted the students were to receive their new books.  We hope that many students are inspired by their book selections to set some ambitious goals for themselves.