Bellingham – Presents Target with National Operation School Bell Award

Target was presented with the National Operation School® Award at our recent luncheon-fashion show, Strutin’ Into Spring.  Target has been partnering with Assistance League of Bellingham for the past five years in helping to clothe children through our Operation School Bell Program. The event takes place each October in approximately nine clothing sessions.  This year Target and Assistance League volunteers clothed over 2,200 students in grades K -12 grade.

As stated in the letter addressed to Target from Susan Dolan, President, National Assistance League: “Assistance League of Bellingham is indebted to the ongoing contributions and demonstrated commitment of Target over the last five years.  We appreciate your store allowing employees to work with us in your store multiple times throughout the year to ensure a seamless and smooth experience for the children while they shop.  We notice that the store employees go above and beyond their expected duties to ensure a successful event.”

Congratulations to all Target employees in their willingness to work with us and provide the support we need.  We salute Target for partnering with us for the past five years.