Diablo Valley – Pursues Social Media Awareness

Since 1967, Assistance League of Diablo Valley has improved the lives of those in need in Contra Costa County. Its ten hands-on philanthropic programs serve all age groups. Last year alone, Operation School Bell® provided clothing for 6,000 local school students. Assistance League Thrift Shop at the Way Side Inn, located at 3521 Golden Gate Way in Lafayette, is the chapter’s primary fundraiser.

Today, over 450 dedicated member volunteers of Assistance League Diablo Valley attribute its 53-year history to ongoing needs assessment, diligent programs research and awareness of an everchanging community. To that end, Jeff Heyman, City of Lafayette Communications Analyst, shared insights at Assistance League of Diablo Valley’s Regular Meeting on January 8.

Mr. Heyman launched his presentation with the term “Communitarianism,” which calls for civic and business leaders to create a city, such as Lafayette, that instills a community-based spirit. Mr. Heyman added that social media is the most effective vehicle that achieves “communitarianism.”

Tailoring his remarks for Assistance League of Diablo Valley, Mr. Heyman suggested that member volunteers take the initiative by serving as media ambassadors and reach out to community members. He provided a list of social media activities that the City of Lafayette uses to keep residents, business owners and local officials informed. They include The Almost Daily BriefingThe Weekly Round Up, and Lafayette’s Photo Gallery, to name a few.

Mr. Heyman also opined that Twitter, despite its quirks that appeal to a specific audience, has become most effective in reaching decision makers and journalists, and is perceived as a preferred vehicle of informing people. Mr. Hayman concluded his presentation by stating, “We are all responsible for keeping people informed.” The reason is obvious, in that social media is replacing the newspaper.

To learn about the philanthropic programs that the Assistance League Thrift Shop at the Way Side Inn funds, please visit this website: assistanceleague.org/diablo-valley.