Los Altos – Assistance League partnered with the Sunnyvale School District

Assistance League of Los Altos has partnered with the Sunnyvale School District since 2019. We support four elementary schools and one middle school in the district where more than 60% of the student body receives free or reduced lunches. These students have been hit hard by the pandemic and campus closures. Our members and the principals together designed different support programs that donate books and other school supplies to needy students and families.

District Digest

Our newest partner is Foothill De-Anza Community College District, located in our town, serves students who are food and housing insecure. Many of them have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Our donations provided some relief to the students and their families.

Los Altos Town Crier
See page 13 on Sunnyvale School District, pages 17 & 18 on Foothill College