Metro Columbus – Ohio State Fair

To earn a little money for the chapter, Assistance League of Metro Columbus worked at the Ohio State Fair from July 27 through Aug. 7. The 12-person group was divided into pairs who worked both day and evening shifts of about six hours each. The purpose was two-fold: sell State Fair memorabilia (t-shirts, hats, pins, etc.) and earn money for the nonprofit organization. Metro Columbus was one of two groups participating this year and earned $1,167 for the work. Although the weather was very hot and sometimes wet, the group said they enjoyed the work and would love to do it again next year.

Organizers of the workers, Shirley and Bob Carpenter, who worked many more than one shift.

Jan Page (left) and Betsy O’Connor gave up a golf game to work on one of the hottest days of summer.

Lucy Lather (left) models one of the shirts for sale while Carol Morgan holds up the chapter’s brochure.