Montgomery County – “Always Ask,” A New Poison Information Video

The Poison Information-Always AskTM committee is excited to announce their new poison information video. The presentation teaches young children about the dangers of poisonous household items and cautions them to “Always Ask” before eating or drinking anything unfamiliar.

Before the pandemic, committee members would visit schools and deliver this message in person to small groups of pre-k and kindergarten children. When that became impossible because of restrictions to maintain safety, the committee asked Randy Young of Cut-N-Shoot Studios to help create a video of the presentation.

The video, which is available in both English and Spanish, captures the three individual segments of the in-person presentation. It begins with the reading of the “Always Ask Storybook” and continues with a game where the children identify if a substance is Yummy or Yucky. This helps children identify and discriminate between safe and poisonous household products.
The presentation concludes with everyone learning and singing a simple, fun song encouraging children to “Always Ask” about unknown items.

The timing of this video couldn’t be better as the Texas Poison Center Network recently reported a significant increase in calls involving children ingesting gummy vitamins, cleaning products, disinfectants, and hand sanitizer. With the help of this new video, the Poison Information-Always Ask committee continues to deliver their life-saving message to young children in public and private schools throughout Montgomery County.