Pasadena – 80-year-old Charity Delivers Fun-care Packages to Local Essential Workers

Assistance League of Pasadena has joined with seven women-owned businesses to distribute “fun” care packages to local essential workers.

Items have included everything from key chains to tote bags, socks, banners, and coasters, among others entertaining items.  The women include a note thanking the employees for “working through this crazy time”.  Their missive notes that their items are not essential, but state “we think happiness is pretty darn essential too.”

Members of the Pasadena Assistance League, a local Pasadena charity for almost 80 years, have delivered the cheerful gift bags to local grocery stores and pharmacies.  Other bags have been distributed to nurses and aids who work with the Assistance League’s Assault Survivor Kit and Bear Hugs Programs.

Fellow business owners are continuing to make more gift bags in an effort to give back to those who, although seldom celebrated, have made it possible for our lives to continue.  Assistance League said in a press release it is excited to help them spread some essential happiness.