Pasadena – Assistance League Craft Fair Gift Shop Plans Reopening

Seniors philanthropy store had been closed due to the pandemic

Assistance League of Pasadena is reopening its Craft Fair Gift Shop on Wednesday, March 10, for you to shop from a wide assortment of beautiful and unique handcrafted items.

All items sold in this carefully curated gift shop are meticulously crafted by men and women over the age of 50.

By shopping at Craft Fair, you help to financially support the senior exhibitors, as well as show your appreciation for their trade or craft.

As the Assistance League’s senior philanthropy, the Craft Fair Gift Shop has operated as a consignment shop for handmade items since 1955 and has kept the art and skill of handcrafting alive.

When the store opens, you’ll see baby clothes, toys, jewelry, kitchen linens, baby dolls, floral wreaths, paintings, holiday decor, and other gifts crafted by seniors in their spare time. The seniors keep most of the proceeds each month, and along with supplementing their income, the gift shop offers them the opportunity to engage socially.