Redlands – 2022 as the Best Thrift Shop in Redlands

Our chapter was recently honored to receive the Redlands Choice Award – 2022 as the Best Thrift Shop in Redlands. We are grateful to our community for their vote of confidence. As we rebuild our volunteer support, our goal is to provide quality merchandise and excellent customer service in a clean, safe, and friendly shopping environment.

In April 2020, at what we thought was the tail-end of COVID, we re-opened our doors after implementing the necessary sanitation equipment in  accordance with CDC guidelines. Our Thrift Shop crew “masked up” and opened with depleted numbers. The “backroom” crew, then and now, continues to sort donations and replenish items on the sales floor. To contend with COVID, donations sat outside for a specified time before contents were handled, cleaned, priced, and placed in the shop. The “upfront” crew presented a welcoming and friendly invitation to shop. Customers were greeted at the door with masks (if needed) and hand sanitizer and we were delighted when our loyal customers began to return. The dedication and support of volunteers during these difficult times has fostered an ever-growing number of customers. In the midst of the current inflation, we find there is a growing need for low-cost quality items. Our sales have never been greater even though our hours of operation have diminished. We hope to provide a viable presence in Redlands with our programs and our Thrift shop.