San Antonio – Jacket Jamborees

What better way to serve Title 1 schools in January/February but to ensure that every child enrolled has a brand-new winter jacket…and that is exactly what the San Antonio chapter has been doing.  Yes, it gets cold in San Antonio, Texas too.  Operation School Bell®️  leadership determined that we had the capability, the jackets, and the relationship with schools to schedule several school-wide Jacket Jamborees.  To date, we have had three Jacket events.

Much planning and preparation precede the actual events and involve school counselors as well as chapter members.  The day of each event, a team of chapter members goes to the schools and every child is given a jacket after ensuring it’s fit.  In these schools, there are often multiple children from the same family and school leaders are so happy that all the kids go home with a new coat, not just a few.

We have enjoyed good media coverage from these events which is always a plus to share the impact of Operation School Bell and Assistance League of San Antonio.  Here are some happy faces at these events.