San Jose – Spring Surprises

Many wonderful surprises surfaced this spring at Assistance League of San Jose.  Among them was the creation of a subgroup to the Marketing Committee.  It is basically called the Social Media Committee, but what it does surpasses anything basic!

The Social Media committee has brought Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to the forefront of the chapter’s visibility to the community. By using these various media tools, the committee has produced numerous delightful and informative snippets/YouTubes that add dimension and augment its delivery. Through this increased social media presence, ALSJ is reaching a larger audience and is more forcefully promoting our services and value to the community we serve.

Another pleasant spring surprise was the chapter’s major fundraiser, Lunch with the Authors.  Five very expressive, energetic, and entertaining writers enthusiastically spoke about their books and writing careers as they revealed what inspired them to write.  Their unique and personal accounts entertained the almost 250 guests who were not only treated to insights of the authors’ writing, but also to humorous anecdotes and experiences.

Added special features at the luncheon were the ingenious centerpieces crafted by ALSJ members.  Each table depicted a different popular children’s book.  The centerpieces will next be used to grace the storefront of one of our local bookstores and the libraries of the various schools where ALSJ’s Readers Are Leaders Program is offered.

Click here to see video.

Spring also highlights the strong bond that the members have formed while performing community services.  T-shirts were designed by the Marketing Committee which the members will wear proudly to the upcoming ALSJ picnic. The picnic is being held to celebrate the chapter’s accomplishments throughout the year.

With the end of spring comes the end of the two-year terms of some of ALSJ’s Board members, including the President.  This board is recognized for its masterful leadership skills in confronting the dilemmas brought on by the pandemic during its tenure.  The board conceived and supported new and innovative ways of delivering the chapter’s services to the community.  The chapter took on a different look and is better prepared now for any future obstacles.  It has become stronger, more resilient, and has routinely weaved technology into all its operations and programs.  That is the legacy that the outgoing officers leave and will be admired for as spring surprises move on to summer ventures.