Yuma – Honors Founding Members

Founding members of Assistance League of Yuma were honored at the Colorado River State Historic Park.

94-year-old, Marinita Phillips was honored along with two other women for their continued service to the nonprofit. Phillips served 53 years of her life dedicated to the organization.  Assistance League has several chapters around the country, with the Yuma chapter starting in the sixties.

One of its main projects is their Operation School Bell®, a way for children to get clothes they need for school. This school year, from August through December, Operation School Bell clothed 856 children, kindergarten through 8th grade. All nine school districts in the Yuma area benefited from this contribution including San Pasqual and Sentinel.

The Quartermaster Depot at the Colorado River State Historic Park was the only place in mind for today’s honor.

“When we first started meeting back in the early sixties, they met here at the quartermaster depot and that is the reason why we are here today. We thought it was a nice place to come back to our roots and let our members know that this is where we first started and what has made us so special throughout the years,” said Karen Griffin, President of Assistance League of Yuma.

“We had so many good members and they all are in the past now. So many have died and we’re fortunate that we are still alive to enjoy this day,” said Marinita Phillips, an original member since 1969.

Other projects of Assistance League include teddy bears given to children-in-crisis provided to all first responders in the Yuma area and a partnership with Yuma’s Safe House by providing them with the supplies they need.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Assistance League of Yuma, you are urged to call (928) 782-9314.