Hawaii – Assistance League Marketing Team Creates Online Environmental Presentation

Assistance League of Hawaii has created a new, virtual presentation that focuses on sustaining Hawaii’s fragile environment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the in-person Operation Wildlife (OWL) presentations were suspended this year because students are either distance learning or in “bubble” locations at schools. Since OWL is not active, the Marketing Team created and produced a virtual slide show presentation. Students that are distance learning as well and those with in-class instruction can equally benefit from this educational presentation. “We focused on sustaining Hawaii’s environment to save the endangered endemic animals and plants from going extinct,” said Assistance League of Hawaii’s Marketing Director Gerri Migita. The video presentation was produced in-house with mostly volunteer help. After hours of work, the presentation was uploaded to YouTube and linked to Assistance League Hawaii’s website. Letters were sent to schools around the State inviting them to connect to our website for the slide presentation Sustaining Hawaii’s Environment for Your Future. A selected book is given to schools that participate and return surveys to Assistance League of Hawaii which augment the subject matter. There are also supporting worksheets and evaluations for teachers to use in their classes. Access to the page can be found at this link: https://www.assistanceleague.org/hawaii/action. The presentation was put together as public service in conjunction with the National Assistance League’s “Action Week” campaign that runs through February 26.