540 Students Receive Pajamas, Undies and Socks Thanks to Assistance League of the Chesapeake

Assistance Members Package clothing for their Pajama Project.

As many things do, it started with a simple phone call. From there, Assistance League of the Chesapeake members rallied to provide pajamas, undies and socks to all 540 students at Tyler Heights Elementary School (THE) in Annapolis.

Back in September, Sarah Daniels, a counselor at THE, contacted one of our members, Pam Meehan. Sarah was looking for help in getting clothing for in-need children at THE, a Title I school in Anne Arundel County. Since learning would be remote this fall due to Covid, the children would not be getting the usual uniform packages from us through our Kids In Need program. She was hoping Assistance League of the Chesapeake could step in and provide socks, underwear and pajamas to students.

Pam quickly went to our board and got approval to move forward. Members were then polled, and they voted enthusiastically to support the project. Pam formed a committee and set out to find the best way to procure the clothing, package it and get it distributed. By early September, Sarah had provided us with sizes needed for all 540 pre-K through 5th grade students at THE. Then, meeting on Zoom and outdoors, Pam and her team set to work. They researched the cost of the clothing, how best to sort and package it, and how to get it all to THE.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools is a long-time partner, and they provide warehouse space for our Kids In Need program. So, we got the go-ahead to do our sorting and packaging there. Using bags donated by Carter’s, items were bundled along with a note with information on the size of the clothing in the bag and that it came from Assistance League of the Chesapeake.

Even with Covid restrictions, which limited to six the number of people allowed to work in the warehouse at any one time, the team made it happen, finishing up the project in late October. “Thanks to all of you for your commitment to giving to children right here in Annapolis,” said Pam.

Helping Pam were Assistance League of the Chesapeake members Elaine Atkinson, Marie Bossie, Cindy Culp, Jane Garbacz, Caroline Gilbert, Loretta Gossett, Bette Henick, Vicki Khoshtinat, Michele Kutta, Gail Lemke, Mary Jane Samwell, Marty Sippel and Linda Wood.