Board of Directors 2023-24


Cindy Whittle

Vice President Membership

Leslie Skibo

Vice President Philanthropic

Jean Lilly

Vice President Resource Development

Cindy Culp


Debbie Connors

Chair, Marketing Communications

Teresa Tudor

Chair, Education

Lyn Hopkins

Chair, Strategic Planning

Sue Whitelaw

Recording Secretary

Deborah Bautz

Philanthropic Chairs, Program Chairs, Appointive Chairs, Marketing Communications Chairs, and Resource Development Chairs

Philanthropic Program Chairs

Operation School Bell Project Literacy:
Georgetown Elementary School: Maureen Smith
Meade Heights Elementary School: vacant
Operation School Bell Kids In Need: Marty Sippel
Kids On The Block: Jodee Hechler and Ann Carroll
Nest and Nurture Baby Shower:
Smiles for Seniors:
      Sing-Alongs: Bonnie Sysko
Greeting Cards: Gilda Sebold
Community Outreach: Cindy Culp
Neighbors in Need: Cindy Culp

Appointive Chairs

Administrative Assistant: Bonnie Sysko
Assistant Treasurer: Linda Wood
Bylaws-Parliamentarian: Bonnie Sysko
Circle Fund: Michele Kelly
Hospitality: Carol Wilkinson
Sunshine: Loretta Gossett
Volunteer Hours: Mary O’Malley
Corresponding Secretary: Anita Pastrana
Mail Pickup: Linda Wood

Marketing Communications Chairs

Facebook: Teresa Tudor
Monday Minute: Deborah Gruen
Website: Maryann Gosnell

Resource Development Chairs

Members’ Annual Campaign: Debbie Connors
Kids in Need Donation Cards: Maryann Gosnell
Fundraising Dinners and Lunches: Kim Hudyma
Kim Taft
Consignment Shops: Cindy Culp