Kids In Need School Clothing Program

Helping Families, Helping Students

Students wait in line to be measured for their new school clothing in the KIN program.

Students wait to be measured for their school uniform by members of Assistance League of the Chesapeake. Scroll down for a Closer Look at KIN,  see what our partner schools say about KIN, and view the steps in a uniform’s journey.

The Kids In Need (KIN) program provides school clothing (uniforms), free of charge, to students at seven local Title I elementary and middle schools. These schools require that the children wear the uniform.

KIN serves local families who, though working, have trouble paying for food, housing, health care, child care and transportation. Providing the school clothing not only takes some of the financial burden off those families, it provides a proven tool for success in the classroom.

Assistance League of the Chesapeake is an all-volunteer nonprofit in Anne Arundel County, Md., that works to transform the lives of children and adults through community-based programs. Our 80 dedicated members donate over 2,000 hours each year to the KIN program.

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“The school uniforms we provide through Kids In Need are often the only new items of clothing these young students will receive all year. As the school year begins, we hope you will help us give in-need children this one tool for success in the classroom.”

Marty Sippel, Kids In Need Uniform Program Chair

Assistance League of the Chesapeake Kids In Need

A Closer Look at KIN

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Which schools receive uniforms through KIN?

Our seven partner schools are Georgetown East, Germantown, Meade Heights, Mills Parole, Tyler Heights and Van Bokkelen elementary schools, and MacArthur Middle School.





What is the value of a school uniform?

The value of a uniform is $65 per student. A uniform package is comprised of a sweatshirt, a polo shirt, a pair of khaki pants, socks and underwear. In the winter, many students also receive a hat and a pair of gloves. Providing the free school clothing to disadvantaged students eliminates that expense for families who are already struggling.

Why do the students wear uniforms?

Parents and administrators at the schools we serve voted to require that students wear uniforms. Why? Because research shows that uniforms help students stay focused on school vs. what they are wearing – which is proven every day in the classroom. Every student looks and feels good because they are dressed to learn.





How do you determine who gets a uniform package?

Each year, we communicate with each school’s counselor to let them how many uniforms we are able to give them for their in-need students. We are working toward meeting 100 percent of the need at each of our partner schools, but we have a way to go. Your donation will help us reach that goal and will make a big difference in a school child’s life. Most students receive one of everything. However, due to need, many students receive two polo shirts and two pairs of pants.


What is a Title I school?

Title I is a federal education program that supports low-income students. Its goal is to raise student achievement. A school is designated Title I if a certain percentage of its students qualifies for free or reduced-price meals.

How long has KIN been around?

We formed KIN in 2003 after asking administrators in the Anne Arundel County Public School System what we could do to help disadvantaged children. They responded that many of their families could not afford to provide the required school clothing to their children while also paying all their other bills. Over the years, we have fine-tuned this program so that we provide uniforms, free of charge, to over 3,000 students each year. The county gives us space in their warehouse to store and package the uniforms. This is proof of their commitment to the program and their trust in us.

How many students live in poverty in Anne Arundel County?

Overall, 31 percent of elementary and middle school students qualify for free and reduced-price meals. About 35 percent of households in our county live at or close to the poverty level. (Poverty Amidst Plenty, published by the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County.)





What hapens when a new student arrives mid-year?

We stock an emergency closet at each school to help new students and students who may now need our help.

Here’s What our Partner Schools Say About Assistance League of the Chesapeake

The KIN program provides essential resources to our school community. Not only does the annual uniform donation give students an enhanced sense of belonging, but it also provides parents with the confidence that their children are dressed for success!

Sarah Daniels Larson, Tyler Heights Elementary School Community School Program Manager

Assistance League is one of the lifelines of our school. They are equivalent to our school being on a game show and being able to phone a very consistent, caring, giving and loving friend.

Andre Dillard, Former Principal, Georgetown East Elementary School

To say that Assistance League of the Chesapeake has been a help to our school system and our children would be an incredible understatement. One of the most impactful acts of generosity is their Kids In Need program.

Lauren Grey-Hawkins, in nominating Assistance League of the Chesapeake for a 2019 Anne Arundel County Public School Business Partner of the Year Award

Ensuring that our students are dressed for success greatly impacts our school culture.

Julia Walsh, Principal, Tyler Heights Elementary School

Follow a uniform as it journeys from Assistance League to a deserving student in a local Title I school.