ALC Installs Officers for 2021-22

Assistance League of the Chesapeake 2021-22 officers: Teresa Tudor, Nell Till, Elaine Atkinson, Gilda Sebold, Cindy Culp, Linda Wood, Jodee Hechler and Ellen Kalas. Not shown: Debbie Connors

Shown above are Teresa Tudor, Nell Till, Elaine Atkinson, Gilda Sebold, Cindy Culp, Jodee Hechler and Ellen Kalas.

Assistance League of the Chesapeake held its first in-person meeting outdoors at local Quiet Waters Park and installed the officers and appointive chairs who will serve the chapter in 2021-22.

Officers include:

President: Elaine Atkinson
V.P. Membership: Jodee Hechler
V.P. Philanthropic: Cindy Culp
V.P. Resource Development: Nell Till
Secretary: Debbie Connors
Treasurer: Linda Wood
Education Chair: Ellen Kalas
Marketing Communications Chair: Teresa Tudor
Strategic Planning Chair: Gilda Sebold

Appointive chairs include:

Administrative Assistant and Bylaws/Parliamentarian: Bonnie Sysko
Assistant Treasurer: Debbie Haavick
Community Outreach: ALC Board
Circle Fund: Michele Kelly
Hospitality: Gilda Sebold
Sunshine: Loretta Gossett
Volunteer Hours: Mary O’Malley
Corresponding Secretary: Judy McBride
Mail Pickup: Marty Sippel

Philanthropic chairs include:

Operation School Bell Project Literacy: Maureen Smith and Maryann Gosnell (Georgetown East Elementary School; and Yolanda Perry (Meade Heights Elementary School)
Kids In Need: Marie Bossie and Marty Sippel
Sing-Alongs: Bonnie Sysko
Kids On The Block: Rose Houghton
Stork’s Nest Baby Shower: Committee

Resource development chairs include:

Members’ Annual Campaign: Linda Wood
Raffle: Cindy Culp and Grier Smokovich
Kids In Need Donation Cards: Rose Houghton
Grants: Kim Taft
Consignment Shops: Cindy Culp
Fundraising Dinners and Lunches: Nell Till and Kim Hudyma

Marketing communication chairs include:

Facebook: Teresa Tudor
Monday Minute: Deborah Gruen
Homeless Resource Day: Mary O’Malley
Website: Maryann Gosnell