ALC Community Service Award recipient – Dustin Kassman

In February, 1967, ten fine Corvallis ladies came together and created the Corvallis Assistance League. We’ve helped clothe thousands of children, and over the years, we’ve had many volunteers and many behind the scenes supporters. Usually, they are husbands willing to lend a hand with heavy moving or driving trailers, and we are immensely grateful for them. But occasionally a supporter goes above and beyond and significantly impacts the quality of our organization. We’ve never really acknowledged the importance of these people, and their contributions. To that end we have created the Assistance League of Corvallis Community Volunteer Award to acknowledge someone who, while not an actual member, has contributed significantly to our group.

The first recipient of this award is Dustin Kassman. Dustin has been our technology resource for over 10 years. He has helped with computer purchases and repairs, and guided us step by step into the Google world. He is on our Advisory Committee and has been secretary of our Technology Committee since its inception. We can’t imagine the number of hours he has given, trying to pull us into the 21st century. We are extraordinarily grateful to him for his willingness to share his time and expertise. Thank you so very much.