2023-2024 Assistance League of Corvallis

Board of Directors


Top Row from Left:  Mary McKay, Sandi Olsen,

Middle Row from Left:  Marianne McNair, Colleen Elliott, Kathy Zimbrick

Bottom Row from Left:  Carol Reeves, Penelope Bender, Nancy Ulman, Karen Anderson

Not pictured:  Penny Reher, Lynne Schauble,  Susanne Taylor, Janice Van Cura

Assistance League of Corvallis
Chapter Board Roster 2023-2024

President: Nancy Ulman
President-Elect: Janice Van Cura
Treasurer: Lynne Schauble
Assistant Treasurer: Mary McKay
Recording Secretary: Sandi Olsen
Administration: Karen Anderson
Finance: Penelope Bender
Membership:  Kathy Zimbrick
Philanthropic Programs: Colleen Elliott
Marketing Communications: Susanne Taylor
Resource Development: Carol Reeves
New Member Advisor: Janice Van Cura
Strategic Planning: Penny Reher
Parliamentarian (non-voting): Marianne McNair