Assistance League Schools

A new program implemented by the Assistance League of Denver

What is Assistance League Schools?
A partnership implemented by Assistance League® of Denver with designated Denver and Aurora Public Schools.
♦ A collaborative approach to providing the selected schools with programs and services that Assistance League of Denver offers.

The PURPOSE of Assistance League Schools is:
To significantly IMPACT and improve the lives and experiences of students and their families.
♦ To not only provide our existing programs but to collaborate with the school administrators and parents to determine what services will be most impactful to them.

Assistance League Schools has added two new schools in 2022.  This brings our total ALD schools to eight.  We hope to add four more schools over the next five years. In 2019 we formed a partnership with ValVerde Elementary School in Denver Public Schools and Boston P-8 in Aurora Public Schools.  In 2021 we added 4 schools, Math and Science Leadership Academy and Munroe within DPS, and Paris Elementary and Fulton Academy of Excellence within APS.  In 2022 we added Goldrick Elementary in DPS and Crawford Elementary in APS.  These eight schools will receive support for:  School Clothes, Books and Literacy Support, Health Kits, Art Experiences, Parent Classes, Student and Family Enrichment, and Staff Appreciation.  Approximately 2700 students will be served by this program.  The programs and services included but were not limited to the following:

  • Operation School Bell® – Partnering with JC Penney, we allow students from selected Denver Public Schools and Aurora Public Schools to receive vouchers to shop for new school clothes on a selected Sunday before the store opens to the public. JC Penney usually also gives a 15% discount on the clothes that day.  Click here for information
  • Arts for Kids – Brings fine art programs including music, dance and theatrical productions to selected Denver Public School and Aurora Public School children.  Click here for information
  • Scholarship – English Language Acquisition Classes for parents.
  • Legacy of Literacy – Literacy support as requested by the schools.  Click here for more information


ALD Schools Update:
Fall 2022

The students in Assistance League of Denver Schools are starting the new school year with all the tools they need to be successful.  This year, the Schools and Families Committee added funds to the budget that enabled ALD Schools to purchase new school supplies for every student in the buildings.  Parent volunteers at Boston P-8 filled colorful donated backpacks with crayons, markers, paper, pens, pencils, scissors, and glue.  When students walked in the door on the first day of school, each of them received a new backpack and new supplies to start the year off right.

Operation School Bell Update:
Fall 2022
“Parents will experience sticker shock on clothing, sneakers and school supplies this year,” according to an article in Thursday’s Denver Post. Clearly, the support we offer to ten Aurora and Denver Public Schools through Operation School Bell is needed more than ever this year. Our eight ALD Schools and the two schools who were finalists will be going through OSB on Sunday mornings from 8:00-11:00 a.m. from August 28 through October 30.


Boston P-8 Sep. 2021 Operation School Bell JCPenny Event! (Click Here for Video)

              Legacy of Literacy and Arts for Kids

Happy Faces at Operation School Bell And Assistance League Schools!

Arts Day at Fulton Elementary

New in 2022 Crawford Elementary

New in 2022 Goldrick Elementary

April 2022
“Oh, my God! Bravo!” Angelica, a second grader at Boston P-8, exclaimed from the audience as two dancers performed a lift in a classical ballet pas de deux at Arts for Kids on Friday. Students in all grade levels at Boston came away from an entire day of arts experiences inspired and enchanted by their experiences. Each student got to participate in at least four different interactive arts events. Their choices included, painting, weaving, improvisational theatre, puppets, Indian dancing, classical ballet, Mexican tin art, musical instruments, world music singing, African drums, Taiko drumming, and mixed media art. Every activity provided an opportunity for students to not only learn about the arts, but also to be a participant in them as well.