Assistance League Schools

A program implemented by the Assistance League of Denver

What is Assistance League Schools?
Assistance League of Denver Schools is one component of the Schools and Families Division of Assistance League of Denver.  This division is comprised of the three committees that address the needs of school children and their families in the metro Denver area.  The three committees are ALD Schools, Operation School Bell®, and Arts for Kids.

Operation School Bell® – a partnership program with JC Penney which allows students to receive vouchers to shop for new school clothes on a selected Sunday before the store opens.  JC Penney usually gives a 30% discount to families on their purchases. Click here for information

♦ Arts for Kids – a full day of fine art programs including music, art, dance, and theatrical productions are provided to the students in ALD Schools.  Click here for information

What is the purpose of ALD Schools?
In 2019 Assistance League of Denver made a commitment to move away from Transactional (“one and done”) Philanthropy to Impact Philanthropy.  Our goal is to develop ongoing relationships with the people we serve that result in significant change.  To that end, we are working in collaboration with the school staff and parents in our ALD Schools to identify what services would be the most impactful for them.

What support do ALD Schools receive?
Schools receive resources for school clothes, school supplies, student books, literacy events, health kits, arts experiences, parent classes, enrichment experiences, and staff appreciation.  Each of our six schools has an ALD School Coordinator, a School Team of ALD members, and a School Steering Committee who provide the leadership and guidance for each school.

What schools does ALD Schools Serve?
Assistance League of Denver schools are schools in the Denver and Aurora Public Schools who have been selected through an application process to participate in the programs and services that Assistance League of Denver offers.  The selected schools are elementary and K-8 schools that exhibit a high free-and-reduced lunch rate, strong school leadership, and active parental support.  Currently, there are six ALD Schools:  Goldrick, Munroe and Valverde in Denver Public Schools and Boston P-8, Crawford, and Fulton in Aurora Public Schools.  We anticipate adding additional schools in the next two years.



Boston P-8 Sep. 2021 Operation School Bell JCPenny Event! (Click Here for Video)

                            Arts for Kids

Happy Faces at Operation School Bell And Assistance League Schools!

Arts Day!

Each student received five uniform shirts when they registered for school this year thanks to Assistance League of Denver. This is one of the two schools that we are partnering with to provide just clothes to the students. These students later this fall will also be receiving school logo sweatshirts, coats, shoes and boots.