Community Needs:  Our focus is our community.   Our nine programs meet a range of community needs. These include:

  • Assault Survivor Kits® – clothing and hygiene kits for victims of sexual assault

  • Baby Bags – infant clothing and supplies for low income mothers whose babies have been identified as high risk for developmental problems

  • Food Boxes – groceries for CalWorks families that run out of food

  • On My Way Bags for foster youth being emancipated from the Foster Youth Program to independent living

  • Outreach – meets a one-time need on a short-term basis providing help quickly

  • Receiving Center Backpacks – emergency clothing and other supplies for children and teens waiting for placement in the foster care system

  • Senior Year Sponsorships – to help foster youth fund senior year activities

  • Show on the Road [Learn More]

  • TeleCare [Learn More]

Here’s what we accomplished in our community last year.

  • Donated food for 180 families on CalWorks

  • Made over 5,000 reassurance phone calls to homebound clients

  • Supplied emergency clothing to 165 survivors of assault

  • Provided backpacks with emergency supplies for 170 foster children and teens in crisis

  • Provided supplies to 34 foster youth transitioning from foster care

  • Awarded high school senior year sponsorships to 13 foster youth

  • Assembled Baby Bags for 539 infants at risk of developmental delays