Meet the “Kids”

The Kids on the Block are educational puppets that dress and act like real children. Each nearly life-sized puppet character has a distinct personality and life story.

A Kids on the Block performance is a fun and educational experience. The “Kids” vividly and effectively model relationships between students with and without disabilities through frank and often humorous communication of facts and feelings between the puppet characters and the audience.

The Kids on the Block also helps students feel more positive about themselves, accept individual differences, and learn valuable interpersonal skills.

Each Kids on the Block program is thoroughly researched and field-tested before it becomes available for performance in school districts, community service organizations, and special interest groups. All performances are free of charge and strictly adhere to scripts that were developed by The Kids on the Block, Inc. headquarters in collaboration with nationally-recognized organizations and numerous experts.

Committed Assistance League volunteers have learned to use the entertaining medium of puppetry to present programs for students in grades 2–3. Each performance includes scheduled question and answer periods when students interact directly with the puppet characters.

The “kids” were in the Azalea Festival Parade this year!

Program topics include:

  • Disability Awareness
  • Dental Health
  • ADHD
  • Bullying
  • Peer Pressure
  • Making Friends

The Kids on the Block Statistics for 2017–18

  • Number of Performances: 18
  • Number of Students Served: approximately 1,300
  • Number of Schools Served: 12
  • Number of New Schools in 2017-18: 4
  • Number of Performances Per County:
    • New Hanover: 13
    • Brunswick: 1
    • Pender: 4
  • Number of Grade Level Performances:
    • Grade 1: 1
    • Grade 2: 8
    • Grade 3: 5
    • Grade 4: 4

Facilities where we perform: Public and private elementary schools in the tri-county area.

History of the program: The Kids on the Block has been in existence since 2012 in our chapter. We currently have 14 puppeteers along with seven crew members who act as announcers, sound technicians and prompters, a director and schools coordinator, and seven helpers.

If you are interested in scheduling a performance at your school or in learning more, contact us at:

“to Kids on the block performer,
Thank you for putting on a puppet show for us. I loved the show. Thank you for taking time out of your life to put on a puppet show for us. I learned that you should not bully people. Another thing I learned was I learned if someone bullys you you should not bully them back.”

From a second grade student

From another second grade student: