Member Profile

As Carol Vispo reflects on her 15-year membership in our Nashville chapter, she fondly remembers those first meetings in late 2004/early 2005 as an adventure. She was among the 45 “charter members” who decided to form the first Assistance League chapter in Tennessee. Of those original 45 members, 13 are still chapter members today!

From being the first VP Philanthropic Programs to Parliamentarian to PR Chairman to President, Carol is grateful for the opportunities to learn new skills and to help the recipients of our programs in meaningful and lasting ways. Although Carol and her husband John, who is also enthusiastic about Assistance League, moved in 2015 to Jupiter, Florida, she is currently helping with the chapter volunteer hours reporting process.

During nine of the past ten years, Carol has also been on the National Leadership Team, including two years as National VP Administration. Like the chapter, the national team provides opportunities to gain new knowledge and to work with a dedicated and fun group.

Although she has had adventures as a child and as an adult in the many places she has lived, including overseas, Carol describes Assistance League as one of the best things that happened in her life, aside from her family. She cherishes the friendships formed while striving to help those less fortunate.

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