Assistance League of Northern Virginia distributed another 400 $20 grocery gift cards in October to families at the six schools that normally would have received our Weekend Food for Kids food bags.  Our contacts at those schools have relayed to us the deep appreciation of the recipient families.  Those expressions of gratitude include one from a mother who said she was very grateful for all that ALNV had provided her and her family and that she would buy eggs and milk with her cards.  Another recipient said…”Thank you so much for the gift cards.  That is such a huge blessing for our family.”

We are able to continue these distributions each month in part because of the donations we have been receiving, some from first-time donors and some from long-time supporters of our philanthropic programs.  We are extremely grateful for such generosity, which encourages us to continue our efforts, while seeking new ways to help those most in need in our communities.

Also, as part of our New Clothing for Kids program, Assistance League delivered new clothing and shoes to several schools earlier this year, shortly before they closed because of the pandemic.  We are pleased that some counselors are starting to distribute the new shoes they received.  With schools now open, at least to school administrators, counselors are better able to retrieve these essential items and provide them to thankful students.

As this photo demonstrates, our efforts are making a difference, although the masks hide the smiles of some of the recipients.

To help our chapter continue providing this much-needed help, please use our Donate button  to contribute by credit card; or send your check to Assistance League of Northern Virginia, P.O. Box 209, Herndon, VA   20172.

 If you would like to join our chapter and become personally involved in helping with our programs, please visit our website:, and select the Volunteer/Join options at the top of the page.

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