Literacy For Kids

First graders, identified as students at-risk for falling behind in school, participate in our Literacy For Kids program which began in 2004. Each week, Assistance League volunteers meet with the children for one-on-one, half-hour tutoring sessions.

In most years, our members devote approximately 1,000 hours enhancing the reading skills of students at two elementary schools in Fairfax County.  Also, because of our dedication to children’s literacy, we supply students with new books.  Through our Build a Child’s Library program, the books we give out are often the first books the children have ever owned.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were unable to provide our two partner schools with our usual tutoring services for at risk first graders.  However, we distributed 2,917 books to all 11 of our partner schools.  Two of these schools received books for every student, six received books for their summer reading programs and the other schools received books at various points during the school year.

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 What a great way to help our future generation get a good start with  fundamental reading skills!