Hugs Pillows & Baby Bundles

Hugs Pillows are handmade brightly colored heart shaped pillows with a pocket. Each pillow is filled with a beanie baby, activity book, crayons, stickers, books, toiletry items and more. These adorable pillows are used in various Assistance League programs and are provided to children at local elementary schools.

Each Baby Bundles includes a handmade baby blanket and hat, a onesie, and a book that a new mom can read to her child and help new mothers welcome their new bundle of joy.

The Operation Hugs program relies on the support of our amazing community volunteers who make the pillows, baby blankets and baby hats. ALNV appreciates the hard work, dedication and love put into each of these beautiful handmade items. Many thanks to The Hugs Team at Dunbarton in Bristow and The Craft Club at Nativity Catholic Church in Burke for their care and craftsmanship.