Assistance League of Northern Virginia is a nonprofit organization comprised of member volunteers who bring together their talents and abilities to fulfill the mission of transforming the lives of children through community programs. Individuals looking to serve their community are invited to become members and join our organization in providing essential resources and support to help children
thrive and grow.

Our diverse programs provide food, clothing, toiletries, HUGs pillows, baby bundles, books and reading assistance to disadvantaged children and families throughout Northern Virginia. Become involved with the philanthropic programs and committees that interest you and would benefit from your special skills. Make a difference in your community by sharing your enthusiasm and extending a helping hand to give those in need opportunities for a better life while making new friendships with others who share your values.

Below is more detailed information on Assistance League membership and how to access an application form.

Membership Overview

Membership in Assistance League of Northern Virginia is open to all individuals who are interested in giving back to the community who wish to participate in activities to improve the lives of children in need. Membership is open to all persons regardless of age, color, creed, or ethnic background. Below you will find the types of Membership and associated dues.

Program activities generally take place during weekday working hours, but there are many ways to help from behind the scenes on your schedule in addition to the in-person activities. Prospective members are encouraged to email membership@alnv.org for additional information on membership, programs and volunteer opportunities to assure a good fit as an active participant. Individuals may
also wish to attend a membership meeting prior to joining to become more familiar with Assistance League of Northern Virginia’s philanthropic programs and fundraising activities. Contact the Membership VP at the email address above to obtain meeting information.

Benefits of Membership

  • Touch the lives of children and adults in need in Northern Virginia
  • Use your talents and skills to support and expand the organization’s program activities
  • Expand your skills through being involved in new project initiatives
  • Make and enjoy new friendships

Getting Involved in Assistance League Activities

After joining Assistance League, new members will be invited to attend an informal session offering an opportunity to get together with other new members as well as some existing members. Materials will be provided to answer FAQs and provide an orientation to programs, contacts, and volunteer opportunities. New members immediately receive all routine communications about Assistance League activities and upcoming events.

Applying for Membership

Thank you for your interest in Assistance League of Northern Virginia. Use the link below to access an application form. Complete the application and email it to membership@alnv.org. Dues payment via secure credit card transaction is encouraged, but arrangements can be made for payment by check. Please specify your preference when submitting the application.

Types of Membership

Voting Members

  • Participate in and support the organization’s philanthropic programs and fundraising activities and have the privilege of voting and holding office
  • Attend monthly chapter meetings, generally scheduled on the 4 th Monday of each month from September to June. Most meetings are held in person, but some meetings may be held via Zoom
  • Serve on at least one committee

Voting members pay annual chapter dues as follows:

  • New Voting Member $60.00* joining between June 1 and November 30
  • New Voting Member $30.00* joining between December 1 and the end of February
  • New Voting Member $10.00* joining between March 1 and May 31
  • Renewing Voting Member $55.00

* The new membership fee includes an Assistance League name tag.  The name tag fee is a ONE-time fee.

Non-voting Members

  • Eligible to participate in and support the organization’s philanthropic programs and fundraising activities
  • May attend monthly chapter meetings
  • Eligible to serve on committees but may not serve as a committee chair or as a member of the board

Non-voting members pay annual chapter dues of $75.