New Clothing for Kids

Statistics show that having the proper clothes promotes educational success through better self-esteem and school attendance.  Through our New Clothing for Kids program, we provide clothing, shoes and personal grooming products to children from families with extreme need.  During the 2018-19 school year, Assistance League of Northern Virginia provided children with 973 items of new clothing, 227 bags of grooming products and distributed 1,400 coupons for free haircuts and 418 pairs of new shoes.

As part of the New Clothing for Kids program, we also furnished 141 layette bundles, 498 hand-made hats, and other items to the mothers of infants and toddlers at a local health clinic.  These hand-made items are beautifully made and donated by the residents of the Dunbarton Oaks community in Bristow, VA, The Virginian community in Falls Church, VA and other individuals.  These wonderful ladies spent thousands of hours making these items during the 2018-19 year!  Just a note – the average age of the Virginian ladies is 96 . . . and they are still going strong! We tremendously appreciate these ladies for their dedicated support!

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 Assistance League of Northern Virginia is making a difference with the help of devoted volunteers in our community!