Assistance League of Northern Virginia is extremely proud to report that we spread some additional holiday happiness in the past few weeks by donating comfort pillows, toiletries, and clothing to families in need, in addition to our monthly distribution of 400 grocery gift cards.

We recently distributed more than 300 Hugs Pillows to three of the Title 1 schools we serve.  As can be seen in the photos, the pillows are heart-shaped and hand-crafted in a variety of vibrant, kid-friendly fabrics, then packed with small stuffed animals, books, and activities.   Schools distribute the pillows to young students for use in programs to help improve their self-esteem, manage stress, and learn self-control.   Some school children’s parents are provided pillows for use as gifts for their young children during the holidays.  We also delivered 25 Hugs Pillows to a Community & Youth Center that serves low-income families.

In addition to our hugs pillows, we provided 50 sets of full-size shampoo, body wash, deodorant, tooth paste and tooth brushes, as well as an assortment of those items along with body lotion and soap to families at one of the schools we serve.  Providing these necessary items allowed families to spend their scarce resources on other items.

Our Assistance League chapter delivered more than 35 coats to one school and 55 hand-knitted hats and 22 pairs of knitted gloves to another school this month.  One school that had received a shipment of shoes shortly before schools closed in March reported they had distributed about 30 pairs of shoes this past month.  That school’s counselor reported:  “It is heartwarming to see the joy of the Mothers and Kids that got them.  Again, thank you for all you do for us.”   At a recent Family Market, a school we serve allowed parents to select a pair of sneakers that had been delivered by Assistance League in the spring.

Besides the grocery cards, clothing and toiletries that relieve immediate needs, we believe that, with the help of our many supporters, Assistance League has shown the children and families we serve that people in the community care about them.    If you would like to help us continue to spread more hope to families, please visit our website for information about donating or becoming a member.

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