Assistance League of Northern Virginia hopes to provide ‘Bedtime Hugs’ packages to Pre-K and Kindergarten students as part of our Action Week campaign in February 2022 and we need your help to reach as many youngsters as possible with this event.  Each Bedtime Hug package will include a small hand-made pillow, a Beanie Baby, toothpaste & tooth brush, and a copy of The Hug Book, by local author Sue Fliess.  We need your help to purchase enough copies of the book to ensure that all our intended recipients receive the Hug Package and develop good bedtime habits and have sweet dreams.  Please use this link to purchase as many copies of The Hug Book as you can, which costs less than $3, and make your donation for this Sweet Dreams campaign by December 31, 2021.


We also have three other campaigns for which we are seeking donors to purchase items that are needed on a year-round basis, such as baby items for new mothers, new books for elementary school students, and toiletries.  These campaigns can be accessed from the same link.  Simply click on the ‘4 campaigns’ button at the top of the page to view the campaigns and the items on our ‘wish list’ for each category.  By helping with any of these projects, you will be able to select specific items to purchase and you’ll know you’ve improved the lives of young children with your donation.

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