Flyer for the Got Sneakers ALNV campaign

We are thrilled to add another collection point for our ongoing GotSneakers Campaign.  The House of Mercy has agreed to have a donation box at its Thrift Store, at 8170 Flannery Court, Manassas, VA, 20109, where anyone can drop off gently used sneakers.   We are so grateful to partner with this wonderful organization, since we both are committed to help those most in need.  Bring your gently used athletic shoes to House of Mercy and shop the great deals you will find at the thrift store. 

For the past six months, we have been collecting new and worn athletic shoes for a program sponsored by, which compensates charitable organizations based on the quantity and condition of the sneakers they collect.  Gently worn and new athletic shoes are provided to those who don’t have access to affordable footwear.  Sneakers that are unsuitable for that purpose are recycled and used in paving projects, such as playgrounds. The funds raised through this effort helps with our programs for children and families in need in our community and the donated sneakers avoid being sent to landfills and thus helps improve the environment. 

Please note, we can only accept pairs of athletic shoes.  No work boots, flipflops, crocks, or cleats. 

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