Children hold their bedtime hugs package from ALNV

Seven dedicated members gathered recently to assemble packages of happiness for young students at three local elementary schools.  Five members prepared 240 Hug Pillow packages for kindergarten students.  The pocket of each colorful pillow was packed with a small Beanie Baby, a reader, an activity book and crayons, and stickers.  Our members took great care in selecting Beanies that coordinated well with the colors or theme of each pillow.  Two other members assembled 12 Kiddie Packets for the Head Start students at one school.  Those packages held a small hand-made blanket, a Beanie Baby, a board book and a soft hairbrush.  The colorful Hugs pillows and the cuddly blankets were hand-made by members of the Dunbarton Hugs Team.  We are very grateful for their skill, dedication, and generosity.

We may never know who derived more happiness from this project – the students who received the bundles or the dedicated members who packaged them with so much care.  However, we do have reports from school counselors that the Kindergartners loved their pillows!  We learned they had fun picking out their own Hug and then couldn’t wait to take them home to share with their families.

Some of the items that are included in a bedtime hugs package: a bedtime book, comb, and stuffed animal ALNV members helping to prepare, organize, and pack Bedtime Hugs packages for children. A sample of prepared bedtime hugs deliveries