Volunteers helping load food and clothing deliveries

We held another successful food-packing and clothing delivery this month.  As part of our Weekend Food for Kids program, we delivered 1680 bags of nonperishable food to 6 elementary schools in Fairfax and Prince William Counties, and grocery gift cards to a school in Alexandria.  In addition, we distributed 330 items of clothing to 7 schools as part of our New Clothing for Kids program.  Based on specific requests from counselors regarding their school’s needs, our savvy shoppers purchased shorts, short sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and leggings, as well as about 100 pairs of socks and 100 sets of underwear.  This month’s clothing delivery was even more critical because we fulfilled a school’s request to help two students needing basic clothing items.  We also delivered 26 pairs of sneakers to a school that had not yet requested shoes this year.  It’s gratifying to imagine how much happiness we provided to students and families by delivering these essentials.

A full packing line of volunteers helping to create individual donation packages Volunteers help to pack clothing items for children Volunteers helping to pack food items into individual donation bags A number of packed clothing bags on a table

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