A child holds his new book

Our Literacy for Kids Program provides one-on-one reading tutoring at several schools weekly and donates new books to students at selected schools. We recently held a “Build a Child’s Library” book fair at a Title 1 school in Falls Church for 650 Pre-K through 6th-grade students. Each student selected a book from the new books displayed in the school’s art room on tables specific to grade levels. Our member volunteers and the teachers helped the students find the books they would like. Volunteers then stamped the selected books, and the students signed their names in the books to indicate it was theirs to keep. An Assistance League member inserted a bookmark into each book, which the students liked. The younger students were excited to get any new book while some of the older students had a hard time choosing just one.  Several times they resorted to using eeny, meeny, miny, moe to help them decide.  It was a great day for the students and our member volunteers!

ALNV members getting setup for the book fair Kids view the the collection of new books

Kids around the signing desk so that they can sign their names on their new books ALNV members work with the children to select new books