Recently, we held a Build-a-Child’s-Library event for the 350 Pre-K through 6th-grade students at a Fairfax County Title 1 elementary school at which ten of our members helped.  At these events, we provide each student with a new book of their choice to take home and read.  We enjoy each student’s decision-making process, which varies greatly from a quick choice to spending their allotted time browsing and then turning to one of us and asking, “Which one would you choose?”  We are thrilled when we find a particular title that a student has requested, or we recommend a title that is enthusiastically received.  After the students choose their books, they take them to our check-out table where the book is stamped “This book belongs to” and the student signs their name to make the book their very own.  We insert an Assistance League bookmark and the students are always so grateful for their new book.  It was a great day for the students, school faculty, and our members.

The event was even more wonderful because a videographer joined us and created a touching 2-minute ‘highlights clip’ that shows what makes these book fairs so endearing and meaningful for all.  Bob Kovacs ( generously donated his time and talent to make this special video for us:  We are very grateful for the video and to have his help with future projects.


Thanks also to all our generous donors who help us buy the books from Scholastic that we provide, including Friends of the Tysons-Pimmit Library.  Please consider donating to Assistance League of Northern Virginia so we can continue to help kids in need so they can succeed.